Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

We released our EP!

Today is the day we thought would never come. We released our EP via Pinmusik - Pretty in Noise Netlabel. You can listen and download it right here:
To all the Startnext supporters. You'll receive your free download tomorrow. Thank you so much for your patience. You're the most amazing people and we truely appriciate your support.

Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Shoegaze Night 3

After a long time with nothing to tell about we're back alive and still breathing bullets/At least work is close to come done on anythinng we recorded during the last decade/Even a new drumer is foced to clear the area/So nothing's a better place for like a shoegaze love production in our lovely hometown, together with some special guests from australia and berlin, still enough stars to fill up a friday night sky/Come over shoegaze hipster crowd of hell! 

Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

Colored Gigs Poster Show

We play Colored Gigs on Saturday night october the 5th 10 p.m. at Scheune.

The Colored Gigs is a poster show in our hometown Dresden. It's organized by the very talented screen printing artist "Douze" aka Lars P. Krause. We played there last year and we're very happy that we were invited again. We'll play during the vernissage on saturday night. So come over to check out awesome art and great music.
Sex, Druck & Rock'n'Roll!

Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2013

Hey everyone.

The last time nothing's around here for a while now, but there was just quit a lot of things we're fixed: At first we got a bunch of pics from the crowdfunding basement party up here:
The first Shoegaze Night at Ostpol/Dresden with the wonderfull This Love Is Deadly was a fulluminant blast.We got way more than we expected that night, also good loud noisy sounds and light in this little dark room, even got some colors to prove it, more of blue over purple and blue here

thanx to Lisa-says for coloring, also we got a little review here: 
Soon there comes a follow-up with The History Of Colour TV and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream on May.24th.2013/Ostpol/Dresden -->info
Also the video gallery show some more for you from sets at Atomino Club/Chemnitz and MarX/Hamburg in december
The second one is a long time favor of us all, so we dicited to covered it in noise and gaze...and soon it will be recorded for sure.

Now it's 2013 and we have a bunch of stuff to do.
And of cause the best thing is that we enlight the first track of off our new EP on soundcloud. JAGUWAR Muffhead - Demo by JAGUWAR
Soon we will announce the date ( around march 5./6.) of the final release, this will also be the date we send out all the Crowdfunding –"Thank You" – Packages.We are so excited and already working on some very cool Merch stuff together with young designer lisa / says.We hope to play many shows this year (same procedure as every year, James) and hopefully rock on some great festivals.

The next one's are:
07.02.13 21:00 Berlin - Comet - w/Tamaryn
13.02.13 21:00 Hamburg - Übel & Gefährlich (Turmzimmer) - w/Tamaryn
24.05.13 21:30 Dresden - Ostpol/Shoegaze Night 2

We are also looking for a Label and a Booking and already got some interesting offers. So there is something big.coming this year, as well.Furthermore, we are looking for a new drummer. So if you are interested get in touch with us (
That's it so far.